"Down-to-earth" meets innovative spirit 

Environment photo of a Purstoff rug in pecan brown under a hammock.

Who actually says that a good dose of down-to-earthness and creative concepts contradict each other?

We want to make the world a little bit better with ecological products, a long family tradition in the carpet business and optimal services for our customers - at every point in the business process.

Natural fibers are our basic material

As inconspicuous as carpets may sometimes be: very quietly and unnoticed, they make an enormous contribution to the daily "feel at home". They function as a colored stylistic element, room divider, playground, foot flatterer or cuddly meadow. In this way, you automatically direct our perception of spaces.

At some point we said to ourselves: when there is so much contact with a thing like a rug, natural materials should be used as much as possible. We want to get back to nature, but with modern means and new ideas. We combine traditional weaving technique with new machine methods, e.g. in the production of our innovative "Purstoff" series: sisal carpets are woven with fleece in such a way that the top and bottom no longer have to be connected with industrial adhesives! The result: a 100% organic carpet that does not contain any artificial or chemical components.

The following applies to all our products: they are sustainable and last a particularly long time.

We are rug manufacturers.

And service providers.

We can't separate that…

…and neither do we want to. From our point of view, innovative rug products and services related to planning, purchasing and support of our customers are inseparable. We offer our business partners clear processes and sound advice. With automation, we ensure that our customers have as little effort as possible in the process. And we provide every customer with information and digital data that they can use to make their own business even better in the future. This includes transparency and a trusting relationship - with customers as well as with suppliers, the basis for profitable cooperation.

Photo of Mr. Hans-Philipp Schürholz checking a sewn sisal rug.

Kartendaten ©2023 Google, INEGI
Kartendaten ©2023 Google, INEGI

Grundstoff is „Made in Germany“

We develop our products in Germany. We decided to do this in order to be able to offer our customers guaranteed fair, high-quality and sustainable carpets. This is where we are "grounded" in and this is where we want to ensure fair working conditions. Excellent workmanship, well thought-out design and functioning processes are as much a part of our self-image as they are of the title "Made in Germany". What also connects us to Germany: Philipp descends from a rug and carpet making family and represents the fifth generation. Carpet production was his childhood room, Philipp absorbed his knowledge of the industry with his mother's milk.

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