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Grundstoff: The groundwork of your success in selling rugs and carpets

Does our product range match your range? Would you like to upgrade your offer with individual carpets? Your online store could use an innovative nuance? Then you are exactly right here.

We are a startup, and yet we benefit from many years of experience in our industry, a well-maintained international network and an inexhaustible wealth of ideas. At whatever level you want to work with us: When it comes to carpet production and the associated services, we are absolute experts. We love all things rug and look forward to sharing our passion with you. Join us now...

We have a whole arsenal of ways and means to do this, if you will pardon this martial expression. In recent years, we have not only been able to expand the range of online shops that focus solely on carpets. Our success was even greater in getting them excited about selling bespoke sizes.

We were also able to help other shops whose priorities in terms of product range and layout completely neglect carpets. We learned that these customers simply do not have the knowledge about the “carpet” product world. The will is there and the knowledge, the arguments and the experience that are needed for convincing product presentation come from us.

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Support to support you

Of course, we also help when it comes to specific questions from customers. Because who doesn't know this who has already worked in support:

“Is this tested for harmful substances?”"I have a stain that won't come out...""Can this be dangerous for my cat?"...and so on. The creativity of questions from interested customers is infinite.

If we don't know, we want to know and find out.

Do you furnish?

If you don't have an online shop at allthen you have something in common with many of our customers. A good part of them consists of interior designers, interior architects and consultants. You should also be interested in the fact that we also fulfill special requests and manufacture by  sketches and technical drawings  these rugs that even your customers can hardly imagine.
Traditional retail stores are also happy to have us as a contact when it comes to very special cases. So why not you too?

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