Custom-made rugs! Unique, on demand or in volume production

We pick you up

No matter whether you are an interior designer or interior decorator: we will support you in your project.

  • Bay window and chimney cutouts,

  • organic shapes for the loft,

  • special forms for the presentation of goods in stores,

  • large ovals for the hotel lounge,

…we have already implemented this and much more.

Even though the name Grundstoff is still young, our experience has grown over decades, even generations, and you can build on this.

Foto von einer Beratung bei der verschiedene Farben für eine Teppicheinfassung gezeigt werden.

We pick you up from where you are in your project. To do this, we take your requirements and look for the right materials for you, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various alternatives and look at specifications and technical drawings, samples and the like.

With large special shapes and even small eye-catchers, we have already created a wide variety of solutions for hotels, brand manufacturers, shop fitters and interior designers. To do this, we not only access our product range, but also an entire network of suppliers. We don't shy away from taking every material into account and processing it the way you want and need it. This applies to both object goods and hand-woven qualities.

We can produce special shapes both as individual pieces and in large series. The latter is an advantage for real estate projects, such as those we have implemented for newly created holiday apartment complexes. But the majority remain individual pieces, as the unexpected solutions, even for your project.

We  special wishes!

Are you looking for something special? Then write to us and attach some sketches, photos, etc. if you like!

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