Fluffy rugs made from…  

  • recycled fishing nets

  • recycled carpets

  • recycled waste

  • and with a fleece backing (you guessed it)
    recycled plastic bottles

Photo of a red Seestoff rug in a living room.


This is reclaimed nylon yarn (polyamide) and as you probably know, it means a very special soft fluffy touch experience!

The material for this is obtained from many sources and all of them are waste. And we think that's a good thing, because these are not just old carpets, but also discarded fishing nets.

And everyone knows what bad things they can do if they are not disposed of properly. We are working against that, because thanks to Econyl® there is an incentive to use these plastic products as raw materials instead of simply throwing them away.

Adding to it: Eco-Fusion-Back

And because that alone is not enough for us, the soft pile made of Econyl® is supplemented with a carpet backing made of robust fleece.

This in turn consists of 100% recycled plastic (PET) bottles and gives  Seestoff additional strength and weight.

In addition, it also increases walking comfort, as well as impact sound and room reverberation insulation.

Photo of a turquoise-blue Seestoff rug with a flipped over corner so once can see the felt backing and the edges.
Photo of the corner of a green Seestoff rug.

Umbuck instead of humbug

In order to offer this low pile the perfect optical transition into its surroundings, we use the complex "Umbuck" process for the edging of sea fabric carpets. To achieve this, the floor is sheared down at the edge of the carpet and then bent around and fixated. Shearing prevents the edge from becoming too thick. The rest of the back is covered by fleece.

The "Umbuck" edge and the fleece give this carpet a special strength.

Technical data

Wear layer
100% Polyamid (Econyl)
Back Eco Fusion Back (made from 100% recycled PET bottles)
Border none (the edges are being bend around using the "Umbuck"-Method)
Pile weight
ca. 2,350 g / m²
Total weight
ca. 3,000 g / m²
Manufacturing type
machine tufted
Suitable for underfloor heating
Pile height
ca. 20 mm
Standard sizes none, only bespoke
Bespoke measures Minimal width: 60 cm
Maximal width: 390 cm
Minimal length: 60 cm
Maximal length: 1.990 cm


Seestoff cream

Seestoff sand

Seestoff terracotta

Seestoff green

Seestoff red

Seestoff anthracite

Seestoff turquoise blue

Seestoff light grey

Seestoff taupe

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