Natural treasures of the highest quality: our rugs!

Rugs and carpets definitely deserve a lot of credit!

We walk, stand and sit on them every day and they still manage to bring beautiful colours, textures and warmth to our floors. For us, rugs are the basic material of every room! That is why we take special care when designing and manufacturing our rugs and carpets. The product range of Grundstoff mainly consists of natural products.

Our own development, the natural fiber carpet with a fleece coating made from hemp, flax and recycled sisal coffee sacks, is unique and does not contain any artificial components such as artificial materials, adhesives or rubberized floors.

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Foto eines Sisalteppichs Mio champagner meliert von Grundstoff.
Foto eines Wohnzimmers mit einem unserer Sisalteppiche unter dem Couchtisch.

Natural fiber carpets: sisal, wool, seagrass

For us, there is hardly anything more beautiful than bringing a piece of naturalness into your own four walls. This applies to high-quality wooden furniture as well as to carpets made of natural fibers...

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Foto eines gelben Sessels auf unserem neuen Naturfaserteppichs.

NEW! Natural fiber with fleece backing

Introducing a new series of highly functional natural fiber rugs that have been specially developed for a natural living experience and are geared towards sustainability.

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Foto einer Terrassenecke mit einem gemusterten Outdoorteppich.

Kunstfaserteppiche für innen und außen

Our natural fiber carpets withstand many requirements. However, if you intend to use it outdoors, or in areas with high humidity, then carpets made of single-variety synthetic fibers can help.

Our Outdoor Rugs

NEU! Teppiche aus recycelten Fischernetzen

Flauschiger Velours aus Econyl®, recyceltem Polyamid, verbunden mit einem soliden Vlies aus recycelten PET-Flaschen. Im Umbuch-Verfahren eingefasst.

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