Data of a modern rug company

      Data exchange between our systems

      Benefit from a digital data connection to your system, regardless of whether it is an ERP or shop system. Technically, we rely on simple and universally used formats such as CSV, JSON and such. Therefore the connection itself should not be a problem, we will eliminate possible technical hurdles together.

      Graphic of a flow chart depicting the exchange of data between the Grundstoff ETL and customer's systems.

      We are also flexible when it comes to the interface and adapt to the data layout of your system. We automate the following things for you:

      • Import of your Orders

      • We also import associated documents, like delivery orders

      • We export the information about the delivery along with the carrier's name and the tracking number so you can pass that to your customer

      • We continuously export product data, so you know what is available and you can import new products quickly. 

      • Files with links to the product images are also available.

      • We also export availability information.

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