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Custom-made products to protect historic floors

The beautiful historic building of the Eltz hilltop castle in the Eifel has around 250,000 visitors a year. That's no small strain on the historic floors. Other solutions call for permanently mounted protective elements, for which you have to drill into the ground. Since the floor gets damaged this way, it is a rather poor compromise.

Our solution to this is our natural fiber carpets with fleece coating, an invention from our own company. Stylish sisal rugs and timeless coir rugs are provided with a natural fiber fleece on the underside using a needling process, which means that these products do not contain chemicals like adhesives. They are extremely durable and meet the many needs of historic buildings.

These carpets lie firmly and securely thanks to their weight. The very robust coconut fiber withstands the strain of the crowds of visitors. Since the runners and carpets are made entirely of natural fibers, they can later be easily disposed of, since they are completely biodegradable.

Here are some photos from this exiting project:

A family run business with history

The name "Grundstoff" is not very old, but the family behind it has been making carpets for over 130 years.