Green Living & Eco Fashion
A new consumer conscience has found its way into society and the market

Also known as "social fashion", this trend has also reached our area of the textile industry via clothing production and we offer you all the means to serve this style.

As specialists in natural fiber carpets, we naturally welcome the fact that our and your customers no longer want to doubt the origin of their furniture.

Ultimately, this term is broadly used in fashion. We would therefore like to present you with the following comparison of general attributes of eco fashion and our portfolio:

  • Natural fiber carpets of purely vegetable origin

  • Synthetic fiber carpets with a natural look

  • Pure vegetable and synthetic fiber or synthetic leather borders

  • Plants (sisal, coir, bamboo, etc.), animal hair (goat hair) and animal skins (genuine leather, bonded leather) as the starting material

  • Fully compostable rugs

  • Replacement of mineral oil products with pulp from plants

craft made
Hand-tufted, hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets, individually tailored carpets
ethically produced

Independent checks by trained employees at partner companies abroad

Supplier selection via appropriate certifications

No products with child labor

customized / personalized

Production of carpets in desired size and combination

Hand-tufted, hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets, also according to designs

Carpets made from recycled PET bottles and other materials from used products (polyethylene terephthalate, Econyl)
Green Living & Eco Fashion
Grundstoff GmbH, Daniel Kloer 2 May, 2022
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Rugs and carpets convey elegance in different ways. You have to know what is important.